Caring for pets and their owners abroad

Our Clinical One Health efforts started at home, driven by one conviction: The health of our communities is powerfully connected to the health of our pets. Because so many individuals in need will prioritize the care of their pets over their own, we offer unique clinics that provide medical treatment and preventative care to animals and their owners at the same time.

The local impact of our clinics inspired us to expand our services globally. Changing the Streets has proudly partnered with The Heart of Travel and Colitas Felices to take our mission to improve the health of individuals and their pets beyond our community and out into the world.


People received
basic healthcare


Women received specialized care


Dogs were


Cats were


Local nursing students participated

Despite being one of its strongest economic performers, Guatemala has one of the highest inequality rates in all of Latin America. Rural and indigenous areas are particularly susceptible to high rates of poverty, malnutrition, and maternal-child mortality.

Alongside the economic challenges come high populations of stray and feral dogs. These homeless animals rely on the streets for shelter and food, presenting an ever-present hazard to motorists and a heartbreaking sight for tourists and residents.

Changing the streets of Guatemala

Through our work with healthcare providers and veterinarians who generously offer their time and expertise, we are able to provide both preventative and specialized care to people and animals in need. Our high-volume spay and neuter clinics service both pets and the dogs and cats living on the streets in an effort to humanely reduce the population of strays and promote the well-being of community members and animals alike.

Join our effort to support people and pets in need, at home and beyond.

Our work is made possible by your donations of resources, talent, and time. Find out more about how you can support One Health for local and international communities.